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The fact that I committed myself to whole-heartedly to a relationship before my ex-husband and I went through the growing/maturing stage is what caused our ultimate demise. His relationship struggled a LOT because she ultimately was a defiant teenager when they were trying to make decisions together. That being said - I am 9 years younger than my husband. We want to raise our children by the same concepts.

You are both going to be going through difference stages/phases of your life at different times and they will turn you into different people, with different goals than you have now. We make efforts (lots of efforts) in our relationship. When beginning the relationship we ensured that all of these important things lined up before we even allowed ourselves to fall in love.

Ashlee, you asked a group of mothers what our opinion is of your age difference. I will keep it to myself because you don't want to hear it anyway. Why do you continue to defend you choice and perhaps sway the opinions given? To defend yourself endlessly just demonstrates your unwillingness to accept that the mothers here do not agree with you, and is a sign of you immaturity. I started dating my first husband (yes, first) just as I was turning 17, so about your age now... Immediately after starting to date my ex I started not doing homework, skipping class to be with him and let my grades drop dramatically.

No one here is going to change the way they feel no matter how many different ways you try to justify you choice. School, and achieving those academic goals was not my priority any more. The reason he left me ultimately was because I fell in love, and completely disregarded the fact that his goals didn't align directly with me.

Yes, I think your age difference is too large at this point in your life.