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They came -– fifty-fifty, I'd say – from both men and women.

The happiest letters – and there were a few – came from couples who had found a way to tolerate their sexual differences and even find them amusing, couples who maybe watched porn together as an adjunct to their own sex lives or couples in which the wife felt unthreatened by what she saw as a natural male habit.

This is completely unscientific but I have analysed the letters and emails you sent me and this is how you – Daily Telegraph readers who were moved to write to me – break down into categories.

Whether it is or it isn't, I hope Katerina gathers some comfort from knowing that she isn't alone, either in her experience or her strength of feeling about it.

Your letters arrived with a weight of honesty and passion that quite shook me.

Two weeks ago, a reader called Katerina wrote of her distress at discovering her husband is hooked on internet porn, writes Lesley Garner.

Her letter drew an enormous response and this week we return to the issue, focusing on the very different viewpoints of those whose lives are affected I have learnt more in the past two weeks about men and women and the different ways in which they experience sex than I have for years and I have learnt it all from you, the readers of The Daily Telegraph, who have inundated me with your views on porn, marriage and the internet.