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If you have not travelled on Middle East Airlines, you have not experienced traveling without a dull moment in sight.

As a proud Lebanese, I can say this airline has come a very long way.

After some deep interrogations about your family, your history and basically your whole entire life, the tante sitting next to you will assure you that she will be informing her son about you … “Kindly remain seated until the seat belt sign has been switched off and the aircraft has come to a complete stop” … Some people want extra leg space and need to stretch every once in a while … Your feet will experience a carry-on massacre an average of four to five times while trying to exit the plane.

Your baby can sit on your lap and you will be just fine.

How is it possible that the minute you get on the plane all compartments are already full with 60 percent of them packed with blankets and pillows while the rest contain Al Rifai and Al Hallab bags? We all clearly know that putting our phones into airplane mode for take off and landing is absolutely mandatory for safety reasons.