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On the other hand, you could make out at Rumors, date and marry some boring bureaucrat only to find out 45 years later all those trips to Bucks County to look at soil samples were really to the Middle East to look at minerals of a different kind. You strike up a conversation about what you both do, I mean this is DC after all. ” You laugh, you flirt, you exchange cards, you realize you have been on numerous group emails together.

One: There are roughly 60,000 men between the ages of 21-39 living in DC and 106,898 women in the same age range.

There are two things you should keep in mind when reading this blog.

Fat fingers, small keyboard please excuse typos.” Suddenly you are out to drinks causally talking about work when it hit you: Is this a date or networking?

Alas, three days later you get an email asking if you want to “go out for drinks” you fire off an email from your i Phone that reads “Yes!