Accomodating strategy

Welcome to Arminak & Associates, Inc., a leading supplier and manufacturer of innovative solutions and components for the cosmetic packaging, personal care packaging, skin care packaging, hair care packaging, cleaning & household products packaging, and automotive packaging markets.

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Our team of design and packaging engineers have many years of experience in creating stylish, high value, customized products.

With our corporate headquarters and Engineering Support Group based in Southern California, we can provide innovative products at below wholesale prices.

Leigh Ann is extremely knowledgeable of the entire process from concept through manufacturing and distribution.

She is creative, direct and professional and I have the utmost in confidence in her abilities.

From initial product conception to final production, bring us your packaging problems and allow Arminak & Associates to find the right solution at a price and speed to market that is unrivaled in the cosmetic packaging, personal care packaging, body care packaging, hair care packaging, and skin care packaging industry.