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The second is written by a woman whose marriage has gone stale, ends up using the site, maybe has sex and learns some valuable life lessons by doing so. Background: I'm 40ish, a college professor in the UK, an upstanding member of the local community, married with kids. Or, I'd admit to being a sex addict if I actually accepted that was a real disease, as opposed to just a term used to pathologise people who like sex a lot, particularly the weird stuff.

Call me overly subjective, but I assume that everyone is addicted to sex at heart – it's just that some people are too uptight to admit it.

Anyone on the site who recognised me was likely to be as morally compromised as I am and therefore unlikely to blow my cover.

And if I managed to meet someone, I wouldn't have to make up some cock-and-bull story about having to be discreet because I'd recently separated from my wife, yada yada yada. A website populated by men who want sex, but don't want to get found out, is the perfect place to rip someone off.

So I set up a profile on Ashley Madison, posted a discreet photo and bought some credits in the hope that I might eventually meet some other married sex addicts. However, most of these con artists have the sophistication of a Nigerian 419 scammer and are fairly easy to spot.