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Or is it a challenge to see if they can “chat up” a female into some sex act to fulfill their own cravings? I am not qualified to delve into the whys and wherefores of sexual philosophy and physiology.

All I know is that I have sexual fantasies and desires, which I can fulfill in a chat room chatting with male or female, to me it’’s about satisfying my need to have a climax.

The chat format at Climax Connection has been carefully thought out, some have audio and webcam facility which if you don’t want to use you can turn off.

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Some show themselves on web cams, there is nothing more annoying than being forced to look at naked body parts, when I am not asked.

One of the attractions is that you can be whoever you want, your real self or a fantasy person, and perhaps by your chat name give an idea of your own needs.

There are different types of chat rooms in different formats.

The feeling is I suppose that if you see an erection or a pair of breasts it arouse you, that is not necessary so.

I am a hedonist, a pleasure seeker, I have this strong urge to have orgasms, alone or sharing.