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* * @param input * @throws Parsing Exception */ public void load XML(Input Stream input, boolean namespace Aware) throws Parsing Exception { try { // Create Document Builder Factory Document Builder Factory doc Factory = Document Builder Instance(); doc Ignoring Element Content Whitespace(true); doc Validating(false); doc Namespace Aware(namespace Aware); // Create Document Builder Document Builder doc Builder = doc Document Builder(); // doc Builder.

*/ private static Node create Document() { try { Document Builder Factory dbf = Document Builder Instance(); Document Builder db = Document Builder(); return Document(); } catch (Exception e) { throw new Runtime Exception("Cannot construct or configure document builder", e); } } private void parse(Document Builder Factory factory) throws Exception { Namespace Aware(true); Validating(false); Document Builder dom Builder = Document Builder(); URL res URL = Resource("simple.xml"); Document dom = dom Builder.parse(res Stream()); assert Not Null("Document not null", dom); Element root = Document Element(); assert Equals("root", Local Name()); Node child = First Child(); assert Equals("child", Local Name()); assert Equals("content", Text Content()); } /** * Load XML document and parse it into DOM.

STRING); assert Equals(val,"xs:int"); } /** * Loads the given XML catalog into a document. transform(soap Content(), doc Result); Byte Array Output Stream baos = new Byte Array Output Stream(); (new XMLWriter(baos)).write(doc Document()); Document Builder Factory factory = Document Builder Factory.

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STRING); assert Equals(val,"4"); // check only once resource with for {id} val = (String)xp.evaluate("count(//wadl:resource[@path='{id}'])", d, XPath Constants.

STRING); assert Equals(val,"2"); // check type of {id} is int val = (String)xp.evaluate("//wadl:resource[@path='{id}']/wadl:param[@name='id'][email protected]", d, XPath Constants.

STRING); assert Equals(val,"xs:int"); // check number of output representations is two val = (String)xp.evaluate("count(//wadl:resource[@path='widgets']/wadl:method[@name='GET']/wadl:response/wadl:representation)", d, XPath Constants.

STRING); assert Equals(val,"2"); // check number of output representations is one val = (String)xp.evaluate("count(//wadl:resource[@path='widgets']/wadl:method[@name='POST']/wadl:request/wadl:representation)", d, XPath Constants. */ protected static Document get Document(final String XMLPath, final String XSDPath) { URL xml File = Haskell Catalog.Resource(XMLPath); URL schema File = Haskell Catalog.Resource(XSDPath); try { Document Builder Factory db Factory = Document Builder Instance(); Schema Factory s Factory = Schema Instance(" db Ignoring Element Content Whitespace(true); db Ignoring Comments(true); db Schema(s Schema(schema File)); Document Builder d Builder = db Document Builder(); return d Builder.parse(xml Stream()); } catch (IOException | Parser Configuration Exception | SAXException e) { throw new Runtime Exception("could not read or parse catalog file", e); } } void sign(String alias, char[] password, String key Store Location, String algo, String digest Algo, boolean sign Envelope Only) throws Signature Exception { try { final SOAPPart soap Part = ebxml SOAPMessage().

STRING); assert Equals(val,"1"); // check type of {id}/verbose is int val = (String)xp.evaluate("//wadl:resource[@path='{id}/verbose']/wadl:param[@name='id'][email protected]", d, XPath Constants. get SOAPPart(); Document Result doc Result = new Document Result(); Transformer Instance()Transformer().