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When asked what the cutest animal was, Orange answered "alligator".He then chimed in saying that alligators weren't cute.

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He was seen, along with Bill Cosberry, complaining to Orange that his annoying antics were keeping them from resting in peace.

However, since Orange was being annoying in the trash can as well, Bill had him sent back up to the counter.

He was seen helping Orange Washington write the Declaration of Fruitdependence. He also mentioned that he didn't find taxing so unpleasant (proving he might be partially British).

He was seen as a test monkey for the Biggy-Wiggy Fruitalizer-Maximizer. Bananas' invention ended up killing Apple due to the fact that the dial was set to "explode" instead of "expand". Before he appeared, Orange and Pear decided that if they didn't talk to someone, they wouldn't get knifed.

This made Orange think that Pear had a bone to pick with Alice, resulting in Orange immediately coming to her defense.