Anonymously chatting without webcam

There are already several established free sites and mobile apps which allow you to video chat with strangers.

Napster founder Sean Parker's latest innovation is a Facebook app (separate from the in-built Facebook video chat) called Airtime video.

This service advertises itself as helping you to meet to open up your identity to your new acquaintance and gain access to other features, such as the facility to watch You Tube videos together.

The site requests that you use your real name as your – but the truth of the matter is you will struggle to see a surname anywhere on the site.

And with this anonymity comes enormous popularity: Tiny Chat boasts a user base that recently surpassed 500 million videochatters – many of whom will never know the real identities of the people they meet through the site.

There was always one major problem with traditional providers of free online video chatting sites: you only ever got to talk to people you already knew.

Facebook video chat and Skype required two people with an existing relationship to add one another to their contacts lists before conversation could begin.

Omegle chat and Zumbl stranger chat services have followed this anonymous chatting trend by openly doing away with names altogether – you set up an anonymous account to chat with random people and only reveal your name if you tell it to someone in conversation.