Are bow wow and ciara still dating

But if ciara 5'10" rihanna could be 5'10,5" that insane. said on 23/Nov/10 ciara is about about 5'10 like me she looks great and EVERYTHING she does but she looks to tall to be 5'7,5'8 or even 5'9..miss ciara is either 5'10 or 5'11....i look to ciara in many ways and alot of people tell me every day that we could be sisters.. Plus when ciara was hosting a fashion show with chris brown she was practically the same height and she had flat heeled boots on.

He’s smart; he stacks his chips wisely; he manages pop stars Chris Brown and Rihanna; and word is he’s talented in the bedroom.

She is most def around 5'9 and taller than the other tall girls like Rihanna, Keri Hilson, and should be on par with Taylor said on 31/Jan/16 @Live Love Laugh No she's definetly a solid 5'8.

She's taller than Katy Perry who is 5'7 and also taller than Kelly Rowland.

I would have said 5'9" but I saw a pic with Rihanna and Ciara both looked basically the same height--if anything Ciara may be slightly taller but idk.

Both wear huge heels and look 6ft tall (like me) I'm only 5'8" which leads me to the conclusion that this height is most accurate.