Ashton kutcher who is he dating

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actor was one of her celeb crushes when she was younger.

guest alongside Scott, whether or not it was awkward for him to work with Ashton Kutcher while he was married to Demi Moore. Scott goes on to confirm that it was the “girl in San Diego” who was originally outed by shortly before Ashton and Demi separated. Scott shared that he isn’t mad at Ashton for what happened, mostly because his relationship with the girl wasn’t very serious.

Jon said that it was a little awkward at first, which is when Scott chimed in that Ashton had slept with a girl he was dating — while he was still married to Demi. “I think [it was] the catalyst that broke him and Demi up,” Scott explained as Andy asked how he found out about his girlfriend’s romp with Ashton.

Top Celebrity Kids Turned Models But she says the awkwardness didn't last very long, and she quickly accepted his role as stepfather.

"It was definitely weird for a minute but I have to commend him, he was a really great stepfather and the perspective shifted very quickly," she shares.