Benefits of dating a flight attendant

I was excited, thrilled and could not get enough of flying to new places. I get on a plane if there is a seat available by the time my number comes around. Business guys going back and forth across country, MMA fighters going to fights, Presidential candidates, celebrities, musicians, rappers, military, moms, brothers, widows who have just lost their husbands, wives who left their cheating husbands, inspirational speakers. I’ve had people cry on my shoulder, held hands of those who are fearful, laugh and tell the raunchiest jokes with a group of guys heading to Vegas for a bachelor party. When you date, and maybe even fall in love with a flight attendant, you will find yourself experiencing all of the great but also all of the tough parts of dating a flight attendant. After a restful massage and a long nap, we can be more attentive to you and our conversations. We have seen the world, been exposed to diverse cultures, and we deal with hundreds of personalities all the time. You are fearless, bold, and living life as we ought to. Due to this, we develop attractive personalities that make us extra-interesting dates.

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You can plan to have a date that involves moving around a lot. Flight attendants are good dates even once you’ve learned all of the positives and negatives.

Little types of appreciation like flowers, a special date, or even our favorite foods make all of the difference to flight attendants! We have tasted food served from around the globe and love finding it in our hometowns too!

You can’t let us stay put in one place for too long any more.

You’ll never get bored dating a flight attendant because we are caring, good at talking to all types of people, and are appreciative of even the smallest gestures!

At 27, I am by industry standards a young flight attendant.