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Where it would store that data and how it would be secured are obvious questions to ask. Last year a billboard in Sau Paulo used subliminal advertising to sell coffee .

And similarly, we are always being recorded either through CCTV or generic smartphone usage - so perhaps Yahoo's creepy idea isn't all that revolutionary.

Taking that and putting on a billboard is just a change of venue." Either way, it's just a patent application at the moment, so there's no telling whether or not it will actually become a reality anytime soon.

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So, presumably, if enough people walked past it wearing sports gear it would start displaying adverts for fitness equipment.

The patent itself says the goal is: “real-time information that correlates with demographic characteristics of at least some of the target audience.” You can also be sure that any kind of device would squirrel away the information it captures to build a better picture over time.

The company, which already has a bad track record with security , has filed a patent for a camera-equipped "smart" billboard that will personalise adverts in the real world.

And it will do this by monitoring the people that pass by and showing them what it thinks will be most relevent.

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