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You'll probably be able to use a search box, a list of products and models or an application that you can download and run to automatically find the appropriate BIOS version for your computer.

Once you've correctly identified your computer or motherboard, look for a section like .

In order to do that, you need to know the current BIOS version that is used by your computer.

There are many ways of learning the BIOS version and we have shared them in this article: 6 Ways Of Learning Your Computer's Motherboard BIOS Version.

On the page with BIOS updates you might find more than one version available.

We decided to help and share a list of best practices that will help you update the BIOS without problems from your very first try.

Let's get started: NOTE: If this is the first time you have heard about the BIOS or you don't know exactly what it is, read this article: Simple Questions: What is the BIOS & What Does It Do? First, you will have to find if there is an update available for the BIOS of your computer's motherboard.