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She described the ordeal of ‘fussing over them to make sure they’re not using the same serving utensils for the vegetables and the meat, and that the vegetarian gravy hasn’t got muddled up with the ordinary gravy, and trying to help with the serving up and clearing away without having to get too up close and personal with bits of dead animals’.‘And for the first time I felt, I don’t really want to do this again.

It’s like falling in love with your own image in the mirror as shown in the figure above. You can’t have a reason for loving someone, it just happens and you know it…..

_______ Prologue: Shruti Hassan says that she is my fan. Love is an extremely complicated topic, and perspectives on it can vary from the cynical to the optimistic.

I think Ted deserves a lot of credit for the blind item. He made every column his own with that crazy language of his that only a Variety subscriber can truly appreciate. The rumor is that Ted was suspended while the bosses decided what to do.

Maybe he bad mouthed a Kardashian instead of kissing their rings.