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Don't be fooled by the innocent sounding name -- this app is a prime vehicle for sexual predators to locate targets.

should only be used by teens who can discern the difference between texting people individually, with groups, and within a social networking environment.

There's no limit to the number of characters per message, and photos can be taken directly from within the app.

Some capabilities, however, such as the video, sketchpad, and other features that are promoted as regular tools within -enabled apps within itself is a way to drive "app adoption" (purchases) from its users for developers.

This multi-feature (read: potentially more ways to get into trouble) tool is for older teens and adults who will use it to communicate with family and friends, to make use of the features on some of the other cool definitely raises some eyebrows and some smiles, depending on what features you're talking about on this innovative app.

In the plus column, the fast message delivery system doesn't have message limits, character limits, or fees if you just use the basic features, and it's decidedly more fun in many ways than SMS texting.