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One strategy to use when messaging women is to ask about bars and clubs in the area.

This way not only do you possibly have a date for the night,you may learn a little about the city and its nightlife.

A women would be a hypocrite to say she doesn't do the same thing.

A lot of members are looking for people to talk to online or though mail... A women that would already be interested in writing you shouldn't have as much of a problem meeting you. Most importantly, you can use it to meet up with women for "Coffee Dates" ( For more info -- The Underground World of Couch Surfing and Sex ) * This is not a dating website.

But it would be a lie to say that that I haven't specifically asked hot chicks if I could spend there night at there house.

I often sent messages asking the where the best night life in the city was. Okcupid : Being English based, means it's easier to find English speakers to hook up with. While again.specifically for dating..becomes a great fact finding website.

In the recent years many mobile apps have popped up, giving anyone with a phone access to women all over the worlds.

I am a well-educated hardworking optimist man.i am looking a serious connection.i would like to find my lovely lady with whom i could build a new family.