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He was classified as ‘high risk’ and so was monitored every three months by the Knowsley sex offender unit.

Last night her mother said she would launch legal action against Merseyside Police for a ‘staggering’ catalogue of failures. The mother of Ashleigh Hall, the 17-year-old who was murdered by Chapman, said tonight it was 'heartbreaking' to read the police watchdog's critical report into the force which was supposed to monitor him.

Andrea Hall, 40, said the details in the independent report were so shocking she had been unable to read past the first three pages. During that time the sole officer in charge of the unit was seconded to other investigations for weeks at a time. The report also found that the unnamed female officer had repeatedly asked to be trained in the supervision of sex offenders but never received it.

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Ashleigh had clicked on to his Facebook profile months earlier and seen a bogus picture, showing a bare-chested teenager who was muscular and good looking.