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In the case of Welsh, our courses generally offer between 100 and 200 hours annually, so it takes between five and seven years to become fluent.Because most of the learning takes places in learners’ leisure time, it is no wonder that most people who succeed to learn Welsh are aged 50+. The one way of success with these target groups is secondment from work.

This has been piloted successfully with teachers in Glamorgan and intensive courses for adults have been run with equal success, also in Glamorgan.

Dyfodol i’r Iaith advocated the setting up of a National Centre to guide the Welsh for Adults programme.

In proposing this, the aim was to set up a powerhouse for language learning across Wales, similar to HABE in the Basque Country.

Why does Welsh for Adults funding deserve to be trebled?

The Welsh for Adults programme should play a central role in language revitalisation.