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She relented, only after giving him strict instructions to go to his room and do the homework.He protected me from early on.” They were a close threesome who would scatter cushions on the floor and have house meetings about anything and everything.

Gary would have been 30 this year, the same age as Childline and in his name, friends and family have raised more £5,000 for the organisation, in the hope that they can stop the loss of another child.

It’s Gary’s harmless mischief that stands out most, that cheeky little face that made Liz laugh even when she tried to tell him off.

When his mum grounded him, he stuck a ladder outside his bedroom window so his friends could sneak in and visit. He loved animals, had pigeons and hamsters and had just been given a new puppy called Ben, reports the Daily Record.

He was ten when his parents split up and in some ways he became the man of the house.

Sometimes Liz wonders if the marriage split had been a reason but there was no indication it was troubling him.

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