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Dear Divorced Christian, That term still stings, doesn’t it?It seems as if people everywhere want you to wear a large, scarlet letter “D” around your neck.

They tell you that you must stand in the gap, praying for reconciliation with your ex-spouse. Sometimes one party makes choices that forever change a covenant relationship. You spent untold hours seeking wisdom from God before you finally walked away. Maybe you were so caught up in your career that you neglected your spouse until he/she couldn’t take it any longer.

Every form you complete asks if you are divorced or widowed, not just single or married.

You are often scorned by the church because of your past.

And, even if you could find friends and activities, there’s no money for child care for an occasional evening of adult fellowship. You begged God, night and day, to save your marriage. You gave your all for years and years, and you never saw anything except continued adultery in return.

And then there are those well-meaning Christians who want you to know that you have failed Christ by your divorce. They tell you that if you remarry one day, you will forever be living in an adulterous relationship, surely condemned to eternal hell. Sometimes people turn their backs on God’s perfect plan for their lives. You sought wise counsel from those who knew you best.