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The Steam version will give you all of the content and access to multiplayer via steam works.

This is the only time I got the disc out of the case- how could there be a problem??? You have to put the you download into the Co H installation folder and replace the existing you would normally use to run the game. Only other thing i can find is this: "Opposing Fronts requires an online account and internet connection in order to play multiplayer games.

In an effort by Relic to counter piracy, the game will request account authentication should it recognize that you have a capable internet connection, and also require that the user downloads all subsequent patches until the current version.

Should there not be an internet connection when the game is started, it will then perform a standard DVD check.

The system has drawn heavy criticism from many of its earlier fans, much because the original Company of Heroes didn't perform a disc and/or patch check at all unless you enter the multiplayer section." Soooo if your connection is off it will do a disk check.

Just try if you havent already launching the game while dialed up to your ISP, so the game server can auth you.