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College is completely unique in relation to the entire rest of your life; you'll never have years like these again. You'll be surrounded by fresh thinkers, big dreamers, rising leaders. Some of you sense your entire future is hanging in the precarious balance of the Dean's List, and if you fall short, better sign yourself up for the night shift at Wendy's. I was a nearly straight-A college student who graduated with honors, and that has mattered zero times in my adult life.Open your arms to this season and embrace it with all your might. The average college campus contains so much innovation and creativity and adventure. My husband Brandon, on the other hand, trounced through college with the motto "Cs get degrees!

Outrageously, we are now parenting kids your age or nearly, so we think of your generation as all our daughters.

Let's start with this: Go ahead and jump into college life with both feet -- one giant war-whooping, big-splashing, no-going-back cannonball in the deep end. I just drive by a university and my antennae start buzzing. Next, I realize certain high school teachers, sometimes parents, even several earnest middle school teachers have wound you pretty tightly about academic success.

I cannot think of two more unalike adjacent years than high school senior -I've combed through my experiences, plus my friends', plus those of the students I've adored through the years -- and compiling this shared data, I have a few thoughts to impart.

All of us Old Ladies ahead of you, we've learned things; some (most) the hard way, some by observation, some involving hindsight.

I graduated college in 1996, and I am still laughing about the shenanigans and hijinks we embraced those four years: Let's drive to Colorado! Success will encompass a cocktail of your personality, contacts, life experiences, creativity, courage, and your degree.

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    After all, we know best and, we’re not afraid to tell you so.

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    Creating a Great Dating Profile on Senior People What to do When You, Me and the Ex Makes Three?