El paso red hot chat line - Command canexecute not updating

NET Framework Available since 3.0Portable Class Library Supported in: portable .

I'm experiencing an issue where a ribbon menu (of buttons) remains grayed out, although the Can Execute functions of the bound commands have been executed and returned true.

command canexecute not updating-59

In the LDPing project, clicking the button starts a background process to run an LDPing. Once the ping is finishes, the button should enable, however, originally it didn’t enable. /// private void Ping() { Is Pinging = true; Clear Ping Results(); Ping Worker worker = new Ping Worker(); worker.

Do Work += new Do Work Event Handler(worker_Do Ping); worker.

When using the Relay Command class, a command class used for MVVM development, you may find times when a button that is enabled or disabled based on Relay Command.

Can Execute does not refresh until a keyboard or mouse click.

Run Worker Completed += new Run Worker Completed Event Handler(worker_Ping Completed); worker.