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Each chat is in its own on your computer or mobile device.The simplest way to access freenode irc (without installing software) is via a web page in your browser.If that name is already taken, then append a dash or numerals to the name.

You can also type a command in a chat window to join a new channel: with the server, so that no one else can use your nickname, and so that you use a consistent name when you chat. Please do not include "Drupal" or any variation of it in your IRC nickname.

Normally, you'd use your user name, so that people will make the connection to your activities.

Go to enter a nickname (usually the same as your user name) and the channel you want to use, and start chatting.

If you are using an application, you'll need to set up a connection to the . There's a list of commonly-used IRC client applications at the bottom of this page.

When you're chatting in IRC, normally after entering a line of text, it is sent to the server and displayed to all the other people in the chat channel. If the beginning of a line you type is a / character, it will be interpreted as an IRC command and will be sent to the server but not displayed.