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Given the PHI’s good psychometric properties, this simple and integrative index could be used as an instrument to monitor changes in well-being.

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Although there is an increasingly wide array of solid measures that independently cover different components of well-being (e.g., life satisfaction, positive emotions, psychological functioning, and social well-being) [].

Furthermore, short and valid measures of well-being are needed due to current interest in assessing well-being in large samples such as in national assessments.

Thus, the assessment of well-being is essential for both experimental research and applied purposes.

We introduce the Pemberton Happiness Index (PHI), a new integrative measure of well-being in seven languages, detailing the validation process and presenting psychometric data.

The scale includes eleven items related to different domains of remembered well-being (general, hedonic, eudaimonic, and social well-being) and ten items related to experienced well-being (i.e., positive and negative emotional events that possibly happened the day before); the sum of these items produces a combined well-being index.

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