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Although it happened before she got together with Kris, we told at the time how the male model was furious that Dannii had never told him.

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But, according to our source, despite them both denying that they are dating other people, Dannii, 40, and Kris, 33, are struggling to cope with their jealousy.

An insider tells Reveal: "Dannii is still in love with Kris, there's no doubt about it.

But the stories linking him to Sara just do so much damage."They both have feelings for each other so it drives them wild with jealousy any time there is even the mildest hint of anyone else on the scene." Following their split in March, Kris admitted things were hard, but insisted they were still "the best of friends".

Despite remaining amicable for the sake of Ethan, their relationship became strained after a biography of Simon Cowell claimed that Dannii had an affair with the music mogul.

‘Dannii told One Direction she is really proud of them,’ a source reveals to Metro.