Free webchat with women no signup - Dating a married man who loves his wife

She should cut her losses and let him be happy be a woman and why would you want to stay with a man who has layed with another woman and you know it that means you are a weak as hell and you lowered your standards so apparently you just want your husband for money and you dont want him to be happy with another woman cause you will feel embarassed you couldnt put a smile on his face...

You had a bad experience doesn't mean it'll be the same for EVERYONE out there. Love is worth fighting for and you NEVER know in which form it will come to you. He will leave and never look back that's the reason he left in the first place because of the things she wasnt doing he will tell you what he wants.

I kept on reading cause I though you genuinely would offer solutions and be understanding but you're not!!! The reason why you failed is you want instant gratification lady. So trust ladies never forget...karma knows your address. you do all those things and she will be putty in your hands. Men want love and to be showed they are appreciated.

but not long i later discover my lover was having an affair with someone else but just within 48 hours that i contacted my lover returned back and broke up with the other girl he was having a relationship with. I feel so # silly # and pathetic*To everyone who thinks a man will not leave his wife.ha ha.

You are being deceptive in your post, claiming that it is about "How to make a married man leave his wife," when it's actually classic shaming of women by a woman who has been burned. But many, many men (and women) start new relationships before leaving ones that don't work anymore. It's sad that so many wives and girlfriends that got burned are on the Internet shaming other women. Stats are that most men do NOT leave their wives for that bit of tail on the side. Besides, if he's done this wife like that, what makes you think he won't do that to you later on? Why pretend it's about a solution when all you do is juge? If you know how to satisfy him in bed all the time.

There are way too many sites that are pure psycho babble, gleefully taking potshots at men who are hurting, being devalued, and ignored by their Wives even after years of working on dying marriages.