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Difference between a workaholic and a hard worker The trick is knowing the difference between a workaholic and a hard worker.

If your man is temporarily picking up extra time at the office to get the family out of a financial slump then you need to step back and re-evaluate your frustrations.

Work with your own situation because comparisons are aggravating," advises Hirscheimer. If you're making trips down south together every year and managing to sneak away to the cottage a few times during the summer, appreciate that you have these opportunities. Ask to use his calendar Help him make his hectic schedule as functional as possible.

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Some simply love their work, others are saving up for that new house, and some have chosen a career path that leaves them no other choice.

Be open with him that you're finding it difficult to cope without his help.

"This should matter to your husband and if it's brought up in a positive way, you'd be surprised the creative solutions couples can come up with when they work together." 2.

Ease up on nagging Hirscheimer cautions against nagging. If you're constantly angry then that climate is less likely to encourage your partner to want to spend time with you." Instead of being negative, Hirscheimer suggests showing consideration for his work and asking him to take a break without a sense of entitlement. Don't compete with other couples Just because your girlfriend's husband has time to watch with her every Sunday doesn't mean yours does.

"You need to remember you chose someone whose work may take more time than other people's.

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