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Depending on several factors (like your style, and what kind of women you want to attract), you’ll want to use different pictures. Usually, they’re taken by crappy cell phone cameras in front of a bathroom mirror. As much as you think this will get the women going, this is proven to not work. By showing yourself in a very vulnerable state (ie., when you’re sleeping), you’ll appear much less threatening, and therefore, women will be much more compelled to message you back. Remember, you’re trying to obtain girls that are like-minded…

It was along the lines of how you should always use a condom, though.

The first time I said no, and girl responded with..I can't remember exactly what.

The description of this game led me to think it'd be something different, like one virtual person whose instructions you'd have to follow.

I don't mind the mini game idea, but definitely needs a makeover for grammar and mechanics.

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    My question is do I have any reason to be concerned that I might have done something illegal or that might cause a visit from the police?

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    This album caught the attention of a wider audience, gaining popularity in both Europe and America.