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While some of them worked for awhile, I soon discovered that much like their chemical counterparts, most simply stopped working over a period of time.

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Cutting meat and dairy out of my diet didn’t work nor did any of the other 20 or so dietary tips that helpful people gave me over the years.

Also, as I got older and became more product savvy and embraced an increasingly holistic lifestyle, I became horrified by some of the ingredients that lurked in conventional products and turned to more “natural” alternatives.

I even had a physician remark that my sweat was the most memorable she had ever smelled.

While I guess one could argue it’s good to be remarkable in some way, this was not what I was aiming for.

Perhaps by sharing these, these will help some souls who are in the same boat I am in: Sweat is actually odorless—it’s only when it combines with the bacteria on the skin that it starts to smell.