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generation truck driver Heather Rose wrote to the Ellen Voie, the President of the non-profit Women in Trucking organization, to clarify exactly what and who they represented.

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You state that you want transparency but you put a disclaimer in your responses so I cannot publish your answers for the public. Many of your answers seem more inclined toward yourself rather than Women truckers.

It has become common knowledge that it was your organization that removed or deleted evidence of misconduct.

I did not bring up the issue that your qualifications have come into question because of the handling of the cyber-stalking but you seemed to want to include this information.

I feel that you missed the opportunity to understand that if you cannot control your organizational message forum you have not experienced first-hand what it means to pick up a load, manage a logbook, dock a trailer, find suitable parking in addition to being continually dismissive of issues, you seem nothing more than a female corporate apologist.

The email exchange to get permission for publication of the questions was the following: 2/25/10 Dear Ms. You have left me to conclude that you are not proactive in searching for Women involved in the CRST case because I know there are many at your fingertips you have made little effort to interview.