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Ok, well, it looks like I’m buying some time here with justifications, so finally, here we go: I think that the thing that struck me the most about my interactions with American women was that I’d generally find them warmer than the majority of French women.I’ve been able to speak to American women in some situations where I’d never have ended up talking to French women I think.It’s not easy to write well in a foreign language and his English skills make me really proud. Depending on everyone’s own experiences, things can be viewed from a different angle, so you can totally disagree with me here.

Curious minds want to know what French guys think about all kinds of things, so today, my husband, Tom, is kicking off a new series called The Frenchman speaks: Ask Tom Tuesdays.

I’m often asked what my husband thinks about American culture, food, the people and more.

It seems easier to have a conversation with an American woman, even if you absolutely don’t know her at first than with a French woman.

I’ve talked a few minutes to cashiers, to random women in the street just asking for directions and other small talk situations that wouldn’t really occur with a French woman beyond a simple exchange.

So what are the differences between American and French women…