Dating directories add your link

When you have a new site, you can announce its launch with a press release.

While some press release distribution sites will charge you to publish on their site, the following ones are free.

The sooner the search engines find your new site, the faster they can rank it, which means it won’t take long for you to see traffic.

It might take some time to have your submission reviewed, but for the directories, it shouldn’t take long. That doesn’t mean you should spend hours submitting your site and press release to every single directory and distribution site.

As you’re starting your submissions, you’ll notice it takes a few minutes. For the directories, do a few one day, and then when you have new content again, submit the URL to some other ones.

Here are 50 Sites or Directories to Submit Your Site.

Press releases are a great way to promote your business.

Submitting your site’s URL or press release to these sites is easy.