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In response to the over decorated and elaborate Victorian Era, Eastlake designed furniture that was simple in style and functional in use.

The Eastlake period actually marks the end of the Victorian period and is often referred to as Late Victorian.

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The symmetry that we see throughout this piece in both the art and the structure give us a clue that this piece was machine-made in a factory.

Welcome to our educational feature where we give a piece of inventory the once over so that you can learn more about the stories of the stuff that ends up in our store.

Each “Once-Over” will have a video at the end to give you a visual of what we share in this article.

Today at New Leaf we got in a beautiful piece of Eastlake furniture: a four drawer marble top chest.

Charles Eastlake was an English architect from the late 19th century; his importance to furniture design can not be underestimated.