Dating guys with bad teeth who is jeff lewis dating 2016

That, and it would probably require the pulling of at least one tooth, and I don't think that kind of pain, time and money would be worth it if some girl would be too shallow to see past the small problem. :o I'm sorry to hear of your problems that caused your teeth to be so stained and crooked.

But if it's an issue for you, I wouldn't give up on fixing the problems you say you have.

Regarding the bleaching treatment, there are a bunch of whitening products on the market that are way cheaper than having a dentist do it.

This alarms me because...well, I don't exactly have the best teeth.

When I was in first grade, I had serious ear infection problems and the gauntlet of antibiotics I was placed on gave me some pretty extensive staining.

Whether you take care of your teeth, gain a little self-confidence, or work with your dentist, you can have better teeth and feel better about the way they look.