Dating how to keep her interested

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Dating how to keep her interested

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Some of us live in the real world and are NOT looking for some texting / fantasy island fake relationship. They provide me with virtually no information about how my first date will go beyond what I can figure out from the girl's email/profile.

I have a habit of talking to girls on here, they seem all interested, things are cool, I get her number, we text and everything clicks, then every time it seems after a week or two, things just dissolve and we end up hardly talking... If some dude kept texting me I would SO not even answer. Talking on the phone also takes away part of the sense of mystery and anticipation leading up to the first date, which is something you want to have working to your advantage.

I mean I can imagine how many guys they're talking to besides me but I'm just curious if any girl here has been through this and might be able to give me some hints, maybe what happened if this ever happened with a guy? For me there are two and only two good reasons to use texts before the first date: The first is to confirm logistical details of the date.

If you are serious about wanting to meet someone and get something going, you have to move fast in my opinion. The second is to keep a dialogue going if she's busy that week and won't be able to meet up for a while.

Girls like it when you get to the point and don't screw around...