Dating math nerd

Well I’ll tell you, no one is more passionate about anything than the person who spends an obsessive amount of time cataloging their vintage mint-on-card Star Wars action figures and creating Excel spreadsheets to track their value based on current market saturation and grading number from the Action Figure Authority.

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Dating math nerd Teen adult sex website

Nerds are so obsessed with sex that they built an entire , just to watch porn on. Attention to Detail If there’s one thing nerds love more than sex, it’s detail.

I once watched the entire 1960s Batman porn parody [for research purposes] from start to finish, and let me tell you – that thing was accurate right down to set dressing.

For nerds, making costumes is a labor of love that leads to lovemaking.

Maybe domination’s a little more your style, in which case a handcrafted latex Wonder Woman outfit, complete with a golden whip, can be shipped to your door.

And you can thank nerds for almost 100% of online adult content, because without the Internet we wouldn’t be able to stream hardcore fan-made Dragon Ball Z videos right to our homes.