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We are always open to expanding to areas where there is interest!

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Montage is about creating more meaningful and fun connections in a world where simple swipe apps have taken over the dating landscape.

Because of our commitment to creating a more dynamic dating experience, we also wanted toprovide a platform that offers our future users all forms of advice for dating in their city or on their college campus.

This advice will be made by written by our users, specifically for our users.

This advice can be a review of a new (or old) restaurant or bar, as well as cool activities in your area (and whether they would be a good date idea). In order to be a Montage contributor, you only have to write 1 to 2 articles a month, which will be featured prominently on our website well as on our various social media platforms.

Additionally, as we’ve received a lot of interest in our city/campus ambassador program, contributors to the Montage blog will be the first to receive consideration for these ambassador positions (we are still currently organizing the program! You are welcome, however, to write more articles for more exposure. No prior writing experience is required, and we will be happy to help review and edit your content before it is posted for the world to see. You can write about anything as long as it has some relation to dating in your location.