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In my first 28 day tour of Ireland, I received two serious marriage proposals, as well as a handful offered in jest.Pub crawls are a great way to meet other folks exploring Ireland if you're travelling solo (as I was), otherwise, head out with your friends.With little hyperbole, I fell in love with almost everyone I interacted with on more than a superficial level.

Just make sure you're socializing with a mixed-gender group (or all the same gender as you if you're heterosexual); people will assume a male-female couple are partnered up and will leave you alone completely.

I found going out by myself was hit or miss with regards to meeting someone, yet every time I headed out with another woman, we both invariably had success. If in the cities of Dublin, Cork, and possibly Limerick, Galway and Kilkenny, you can try dating sites, however most of the folks I found in the smaller towns primarily use them for foreigners to date, or are foreigners themselves.

POF followed by Tindr house the most singles in Ireland, although you'll find a good solid base on Ok Cupid as well.

Meeting People If you're single and looking for a fling, romance, or possibly even a marriage proposal, the only place to go is truly traditional -- the pub or bar/disco, depending on how big a community you're in.

Don't scoff at the marriage proposal idea either!