Dating simon and patrick luthiers rosewood

I could not imagine a more perfect place to be crafting acoustic dreadnaught, OM, Parlor, guitars and Ukuleles.A long time wood worker, guitarist, and mandolin player, Jay’s passion for music ignited his drive to create his hand crafted musical works.

When I found out that world renowned guitarist Jeff Atchison is playing Lichty guitars for his US tour, I really had to find out about this Luthier.

He started building using such sophisticated tools as a belt sander and a skill saw to build his Uke. Admittedly his rudimentary shop was not professional grade but his success was close.

Inspired by his first Lichty stringed instrument, he signed up to study in Luthier Wayne Hendrickson’s guitar building class.

Maple fretboards usually have a lacquer varnish on them which prevents dirt and oils from entering the wood.

Because of this maple fretboards do not require oiling, but it is a good idea to clean them with a rag.