Dating site for bigger men and women chub chase

The heavier he was and the bigger his belly turned him on. I guess everyone has their preferences, but why would you want to date someone that big who is risking their health?

always has some very interesting topics they cover, and it’s nice to get a glimpse into someone’s lifestyle. Like when I first read the description I was taken aback.

Every episode usually covers an interesting topic, but last night was a new episode that followed two men who are self-proclaimed chubby chasers. I’ve heard of how popular the Bear community is, but I was a little caught off guard by this Black guy from Harlem who only dates overweight women because they tend to be nicer & have less drama. I guess the best place to start in addressing last night’s episode is to discuss what bears are.

I’ve never in my life dated someone that was obese.

I couldn’t date someone who didn’t work out and take care of themselves; might as well walk away, because I’m just not down for an unhealthy lifestyle.