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Trust me, this weeds out the players, the window-shoppers and the incredibly insecure almost all of the time, you'll thank yourself for it!

As a Love, Life and Dating Coach, I see a lot of the same mistakes being made time and again.

If you're looking to bring more love into 2016, then learning a few new tips will make you an even better dater!

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While the latest statistics show that 1 in 4 relationships started online and is rising, maybe you still aren't finding good matches. Remember to be putting yourself out there in public too.

You're Not Online Dating I know online dating gets a bad rap in some circles and some people, especially those of us in the middle-of-life (ahem..."midlife"), don't want to fully embrace it. It doesn't hurt to be online looking at your options, and there will seem like a lot of them on that dating site you just joined. And truth be told, some people do lie about different things, so the sooner you meet and figure that out, the better!

Embrace the process, have some fun, initiate messages and you will meet some great people, even when they aren't a match. My personal rule is to at least have scheduled a date/meet-n-greet within the first 48 hours of meeting online.

Join a meetup where you have a point of interest -- that way if you meet someone attractive there, you already know you like the same thing!

Also when you are at the grocery store, out for a walk or taking your pet to the vet, try starting a conversation... Also, ask your friends if they know any single people, that's how our parents did it.