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No time to wait 16.4% of men said they would have sex with a new partner after the first date most, however, said they would wait until after the 3date.Having polled1 457 online survey participants, here’s what the latest Women’s Health/Men’s Health Sex Survey found when it came to South African's men’s attitudes and beliefs about sex.Men are actually quite in tune with their partners 77% of men stated an emotional connection was the most important factor when pleasing a partner. 40.7% of men say the worst mistake their partner can make is not communicating enough in bed.

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35.4% of married men have cheated once or twice (interestingly women beat this figure with 37.3%). “Condom-plating” If they felt they had a choice, 82.4% of men would prefer not to use a condom as they “don’t like the way they feel”.

8.8% of married men have cheated more than a whopping 10 times! 29.6 % of men never get tested for HIV with a partner.

Virtual cheating - In terms of online flirting, although 70.4% of women consider this cheating; only 45.6% of men said the same. Cougar Town When it comes to women, men like a bit of age!

We’re an active bunch, us South Africans – full of energy!

Around 50% of both men and women only need 15 mins or less till they are ready to “go” again!

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