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Anything I get paid to write, promote or photograph means hours of outlining, editing, shooting and pitching myself to land said gig.But he didn’t; and neither has any guy I dated before him who wasn’t a digital nomad. We’re also digital, meaning our work lives are online.It’s a different type of job, and in many ways it’s more in your significant other’s face. It can make it wrongly appear that I don’t want to spend time with the person I’m dating or that Facebook is more important.

“Sure, I’m done.” My heart raced with anxiety as I clicked my laptop closed. I was currently on vacation with my (now ex) boyfriend, Tom*. Guys love the idea of a girl who travels for work…until they realize said girl actually needs to work. I’m proud of the fact I’ve created a career for myself, that I can make my own work schedule and have the ability to travel regularly. Comments like “So you ‘just’ write about about travel and get paid? Sure, I’m lucky that I’ve been doing this long enough to often have projects come to me, but not always, and I can’t rely on it.

writer Rachel Swarns has figured out that the days of swooning, flowers and princes are over. Swarns caught up with women who prescribe the Gaggle method of dating. The Swarns-Gaggle theory comes one day after a report from found that it's basically impossible for heterosexual men and women to have purely platonic relationships.

And her inspection into the pseudo-science of romance is, umm, delightful? She explains: Their advice: Embrace all of the men in your orbit, whether they text or G-Chat, whether they’re hunky or grungy. More specifically, men are more apt to think there's something there that isn't.

Most of my friends can name who everyone we know is dating, what they ate for breakfast and what the latest meme is.

When I go on Facebook or Instagram I don’t have the capacity to dilly dally; it’s work.