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And that continues through today with his latest alleged flirtation.

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They even cited that Camila and Shawn shared cheesy photos after the said prank.

The young artists have also been said to be exchanging sweet tweets.

It has been previously reported that aside from Mendes, One Direction member Niall Horan is allegedly exchanging flirty messages with the Fifth Harmony singer as well.

Meanwhile, Mendes admitted something about his music.“When you’re songwriting and stuff, you just hate your old stuff,” the “Stitches” singer told Billboard.“All you want to do is release the new stuff because that’s, to you, so much better and you just want to get that out there. I’m excited for when we eventually do release it to see reactions.”The full interview can be viewed on the site.

The single life is turning out to be quite interesting for Zayn Malik.