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Sadly, there are occasions where changes in offerings are made that still won’t make much of a difference.

Most of the time I believe the primary reason opportunities are lost is that sellers get out-sold.

Often times after a painful loss (large transaction/long sales cycle), sellers will be asked to find out why they lost in hopes of getting smarter about things to do or avoid.

While that all seems to be logical, the reality is that it is difficult to find out why a seller loses.

Related: 4 Sales Strategies to Increase Your Average B2B Deal Sizes The most common reasons given for losses are: Beyond that, there are times when the feature cited wasn’t the cause of the loss.

In my experience, I see many sellers file loss reports and are relieved to be able to pass along features as reasons for losses.

Informing sellers that they’ve lost in an odd or unpleasant way is analogous to trying to make a clean break from someone you were dating in school.