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Suddenly I realize that what really matters isn’t how long we live, but how.” Synopsis: When Mary Scott (Margaret Sullavan) discovers she only has a few months left to live, she decides to keep […] Posted on “There are enough decent men here to wipe Fourteenth Street off the map — if you’ll tell “em to!

” Synopsis: A lawyer (John Mc Intire), his son (Richard Kiley), and other concerned citizens fight back against the insidious corruption in their Southern town.

Genres: Claire Bloom […] Posted on Synopsis: A mad scientist (Marcel Marceau) teaches a deaf-mute puppeteer named Malcolm Shanks (also Marceau) how to revive and manipulate the dead.

Genres: Detectives and Private Eyes Obsessive Love Peeping Toms Review: Joseph Cates’ atmospheric […] Posted on “I’m not interested in profit.

I’m interested in the bank — in the depositers; they’re my friends.

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    I grew up in low-income housing in Massachusetts that had a major road, Route 110, as my front yard. Now my house is in the middle of the Santa Monica Mountains. I have a picture of me and my two brothers from 1974 framed on the wall.

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