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Unit 4: Describing Images This is a view of the landslide that bisected Riverside Avenue in Burlington.

The issue here is that we are searching for an image, a visual representation, using only words. This is also a good time to review the history of items you might see in the images by reviewing the dating pages by clicking here. I start by imagining that I am describing the image to someone who is blind and cannot see. The road heads up a gentle hill to a farmhouse near the right side of the image. Now, you will see many other thumbnails that show images of wind damage from storms.

For example, imagine that you are a musician and you are really into tubas. Lumber is stacked along the fence that borders the road.

Other similar images show the down dropped block on which the garage sits.

Rumor has it that the slide was triggered by a leaking drain pipe from the city landfill.

While the images themselves are visually powerful, the archive tries to offer the viewer more than just the image. The trick to good and accurate image interpretation is observation with a minimum of interpretation. I am going to lead you through my process of describing this image. In the foreground is grass cut short with a few stones interspersed.